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Minimize stress when facing legal issues by relying on Huston McCaffrey, LLP as your legal advocate. At our full-service general law firm in San Diego, CA, we focus on many fields. From bankruptcy and real estate law to criminal defense and family law, we handle a wide range of cases and have a thorough understanding of our practice areas. Our attorneys, Shawn P. K. Huston and Kelly D.M. Combs, bring decades of combined experience to the table. Schedule a consultation for more information about how we can assist you with your legal situation.

When You Need to File for Bankruptcy

Debt relief is possible when you depend on our legal team. We handle all Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases on behalf of our clients. From drafting and filing all paperwork to attending the court hearings, we are your legal advocates throughout the entire process. When you’re dealing with unpaid bills, late mortgage payments, and debt collectors calling, you don’t have to struggle alone. Depend on us to help you wipe the slate clean.

Bankruptcy is a solution that is a privilege under United States law. Not long ago, this method of debt relief had a stigma attached to it. Now, it is the primary way to deal with irreversible financial hardship. There is no shame in coming to us for bankruptcy services. If you have overdue bills and your debt is piling up, speak with our knowledgeable and compassionate bankruptcy lawyers.

Caring & Skilled Family Law Attorneys

Make the right decision when you are dealing with family law issues. Whether you are facing a divorce, a child custody battle, or alimony disputes, you can trust our skilled attorneys to always consider your best interests and provide the legal advocacy you need. At our law firm, we focus on your family, your future, and your finances. 

We are highly proficient at conflict resolution in divorce and matrimonial disputes. This is critical because this area of law is fraught with emotion and problems. Quite often, legal advocacy and mediation resolve these disputes without the need to go to court. However, if our client cannot reach an agreement, we are prepared to go to court to protect your rights. Our expertise extends to complex alimony disputes, tax issues arising in the matrimonial context, custody disputes, and more. In all cases, we always provide personal and professional representation.

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Choose our law firm that cares deeply about our clients. When you retain us for legal services, you deal directly with our two attorneys, Kelly D.M. Combs, and Shawn P. K. Huston. Our attorneys ensure you have the opportunity to state your case and have your voice be heard. You can trust that our attorneys will represent you to the best of their ability according to established law. Although we welcome anyone who needs representation in San Diego County, we do a good deal of work with the LGBTQA+ community.


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